Piggie Parcels was founded in 2018 by Amanda, after a life long love for piggies turned into a dream to make Natural Forage Foods more accessible to all piggie owners. The business grew and soon other family members were involved in the running of this exciting venture. To this day Piggie Parcels is still a family run business with lots of help and support from friends and the guinea pig community.

Here is Amanda’s story….

The inspiration behind Piggie Parcels was the love for my own piggies and my desire to offer them a healthy and happy life.

I have kept guinea pigs as pets for over 20 years and I strive to give them an exciting and safe home with mental stimulation and a good natural diet.

I first came across botanical herbs as a forage food for guinea pigs around 15 years ago whilst caring for a piggie with a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and I became interested in the suspected health benefits on both their physical and emotional wellbeing. The purpose of providing them to guinea pigs, typically mixed in with hay, is to offer a more natural feeding environment by encouraging foraging behaviour. This in turn increases mental and physical stimulation and then there are additional health benefits of the nutrients within the plants.

For many years I would buy dried herbs for my own piggies from the limited suppliers on the market, being careful to purchase ones I knew were safe for guinea pigs but I noticed that it wasn’t always obvious to the consumer which herbs would be best for particular dietary needs. For example, what should I feed to a piggie prone to bladder infections? It got me thinking, how did other piggie owners know which ones to feed? Wouldn’t it be great if I could just order a box of herbs that had already been selected for my piggies individual dietary requirements? And so the idea of Piggie Parcels was born, a parcel delivered direct to your door containing pre-selected dried botanical herbs and flowers chosen for specific needs just for piggies.

I knew I wanted to pursue this idea seriously and after a lot of time in research and planning, I began my search for suppliers of quality dried botanicals in the UK who would be able to provide the herbs just as I wanted, whole leaf, freshly dried and good enough for me to eat! Well finally I found them and am happy to say all my products are 100% natural, no additives, preservatives or sweeteners. Extensive taste tests were completed, my piggies particularly enjoyed this process but they were a tough crowd to please and even threw out some of my ideas!

The packaging was also very important to me. I was determined not to add to the pile of non-recyclable plastic being sent to landfill, so I started looking at biodegradable solutions for the bags but then what about the boxes and labels! The end result is that all of the packaging from Piggie Parcels, is in some form environmentally friendly. From the FSC accredited boxes, to the biodegradable labels, every part of the packaging has been thought through and is either recycled, recyclable, biodegradable or compostable.

Each of my parcels is designed with specific piggie dietary requirements in mind, all you need to do is pick one to receive a selection of lovely dried botanical herbs, flowers, vegetables and fruit. You get the excitement of a package delivery to your door and the enjoyment of watching how your piggies dig through their hay to find the ‘treats’. The fruit and vegetable pieces can also be used to hand feed as a way to bond with your piggies.

My hope is that I can help better the lives of piggies by providing wonderful forage foods for them to enjoy, allowing them a more natural way to feed.

This is my story so far but it is only just the beginning….