Christmas Flavours Piggie Parcel


It’s Back! Our Christmas Flavours Parcels was a firm favourite with our customers last year, this year it is back and BIGGER.

Containing lots of yummy Forage with a Christmas twist, your parcel will contain;

Mulberry Leaves 100g – We’ve yet to find a piggie that’s doesn’t like these crunchy leaves.

Hazelnut Leaves 100g – Hum the Nutcracker as you sprinkle these around your piggies enclosure to get into the festive mood.

Blackcurrant Leaves 100g – Brand new product to Piggie Parcels and the Christmas Flavour Parcel. After trying a recipe for Blackcurrant and Apple Mince pies, we just had to include these for the piggies.

Apple Pieces 50g – Apple flavours heavily throughout Christmas so let the piggies partake too.

Peppermint and Rose 50g – Piggie equivalent to Candy Canes and Turkish Delight.

A pouch of our additive free Cranberries 50g – they can’t have the turkey but Cranberries are yummy to piggies.

Finally a bag of Rose and Blue Cornflowers 15g – because well, they remind me of fairy lights!

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