Christmas Gift Stocking with Forage


The pawfect Christmas gift for your piggies, a beautiful top quality handmade Christmas Stocking* in a Red Fleece with a snowflake design. A hanging loop is sewn in so you can hang up next to your piggies enclosure ready for Christmas Morning.

The stocking is sized 13 inches high and 8 inches wide and comes totally stuffed with a selection of delicious Piggie Parcels Forage, plenty for your piggies to share. The forage items we have chosen are also perfect for a piggies first introduction to forage.

To finish the look, a gift tag is included ready for you to add you furbabbies names and pop under the tree.

You will receive;

1 x Stocking

1 x Plantain Leaves 30g

1 x Dandelion Leaves 30g

1 x Marigold 30g

1 x Apple 50g

1 x Carrot 50g

1 x Beetroot & Parsnip 30g

1 x Dandelion Root 50g

1 x Coriander Stalks 15g

1 x Gift Tag

This Stocking will keep for years to come and can be refilled in future years.

* Stocking supplied from the wonderful Stephs Piggie Paradise

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