Christmas Piggie Parcel ‘The Ultimate’



Presenting the The Ultimate Christmas Parcel, if you are looking for a selection of toys and treats to spoil your piggies this Christmas, then your search is over.

We’ve pulled the best of our Christmas gifts together, wrapped them in festive tissue paper and added a gift tag and bow ready for you to write the recipients name and pop under the tree.

The Ultimate Christmas Parcel contains:

1 x HayPigs!® Cavy Candy Cane™ – Tilting Tunnel AND a paper bag filled with Piggie Parcel Forage 170g Plantain/Green Oat/Dandelion

1 x HayPigs!® Circus Treat Ball™  and a FREE  50g bag of Apple Pieces

1 x Piggie Parcel Christmas Stocking, 13 inches high, handmade by Stephs Piggie Paradise filled with a selection of Forage; 1 x 30g Plantain, 1 x 30g Marigold, 1 x 30g Dandelion, 1 x 50g Apple, 1 x Carrot 5og, 1 x 50g Dandelion Root 1 x Coriander 15g 1 x Beetroot and Parsnip 30g

Parcel will be lined and topped with festive tissue paper, with a hessian bow and a gift tag.



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