Foraging Adventure Parcel – October 21


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Our Monthly Foraging Adventure Parcel is limited in quantity and to the current month.  It’s the perfect way for your piggies (and bunnies) to experience different items and any new stock items.

The October Parcel contains the following items;

  • Birch Leaves 80g – Our crisp Birch Leaves are perfect to sprinkle around your piggies enclosure for some added enrichment.
  • Plantain Leaves 80g – Full of fibre and a favourite with even the most fussy piggies.
  • Marigold Flowers 50g – Back after selling out earlier in year, we are not disappointed with this new harvest and we are sure your piggies will agree.
  • Cornflowers 30g – These are 1st grade bright blue cornflowers.
  • Coriander 50g – One of the most popular herbs with piggies.
  • Cucumber Pieces 50g – Dried cucumber slices, perfect as handfeeding treats.
  • Dandelion Root 200g! Yes this is a bumper size of 200g (RRP 6.50) of our Dandelion Root Nibbles, same yummy roots but in bite size pieces.