Foraging Adventure Parcel – October


Our Monthly Foraging Adventure Parcel is limited in quantity and to the current month.  It’s the perfect way for your piggies (and bunnies) to experience different items and any new stock items.

The October Parcel contains the following items;

  • Birch Leaves 80g – Our crisp Birch Leaves are perfect to sprinkle around your piggies enclosure for some added enrichment.
  • Nettle Leaves 80g – A surprising favourite amongst piggies, whilst us hoomans may think the thought of eating nettles a little strange, our piggies disagree.
  • Rose Petals 50g – The piggies love the taste and the hoomans love the fragrant smell that fills the piggies enclousures.
  • Carrot Pieces 100g – Dried Carrot pieces are great as a treat and for hand feeding.
  • Parsley Stalks 50g – I’m not sure there is a piggie who can resist Parsley!
  • Cucumber Pieces 50g – We listened to your piggies demands and included thier favorite cucumber slices.
  • Dandelion Root 50g – Great for keeping piggies ever growing teeth in check!