Hamster Forage Parcel


We’ve had lots of messages from Piggies telling us their hamster “friends” have been stealing forage out of their Piggie Parcels. The Piggies tried to explain that the forage was for Piggies only but the hamsters are having none of it. To keep everyone happy we’ve introduced a Hamster Forage Parcel filled with a selection of healthy hamster safe forage, so now your hamsters can have their own parcel (but don’t worry, if the Piggies steal any it’s safe for them too).

This parcel contains the following items;

50g Dandelion Roots

30g Dandelion Leaves

30g Marigold Flowers

30g Red Clover Flowers

50g Celery (Stalks and diced)

50g Carrot Pieces

50g Broccoli Flakes