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Welcome to Piggie Parcels ™, providers of Forage for Guinea Pigs and other small animals.

We offer a variety of exciting forage parcels containing Natural Forage Foods such as dried botanical herbs, leaves, flowers, fruit and vegetables.

All our products are 100% natural, no additives, preservatives or sweeteners.

But why feed Natural Forage Foods?

Natural Forage Foods are a great way to offer a varied diet that reflects the natural feeding habits of guinea pigs, plus they are full of nutrients and fibre. By encouraging foraging behaviour, you increase the mental and physical stimulation of your piggies.

Ok so you’ve seen Natural Forage Foods before but what makes Piggie Parcels ™ different…..

  • We offer a choice of preselected herb parcels based on specific dietary requirements.
  • Every single parcel we make is made to order, just for you and no one else.
  • That means we are unique in that we can customise your order to meet your piggies exact needs.
  • We deliver direct to your door.
  • We only use environmentally friendly packaging (check out the Eco Pigs page for in depth detail). Eco Pigs
  • Yes we are all about the piggies but we also do forage parcels for your other small furries like bunnies and hamsters, so they don’t need to miss out on a fantastic foraging adventure!
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